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Who Are We?
BBMT Poultry Farm is a privately purchased, 100% black owned farm, ran and controlled by the executive management team as alluded above. This is a 24-hectare farm situated in Radium, northeast of Bela-Bela, Limpopo province. The farm’s primary business operation is to rear healthy chickens as contract growers exclusively for a contract taker. The broiler production operations is fully automated.

The aim of this company is to:
  • Produce quality and healthy poultry meat
  • Job creation for people in the community
  • Make the company sustainable and profitable for the owner and establish themselves as competitors in the poultry market.

  • Every staff member is valued, who will periodically attend training programmes to empower and develop their skills. Furthermore, the business policy makes provision for primary to tertiary education bursaries to the children of our employees.

    Gomolemo Vilakazi (26)

    Chief Executive Officer

    Gomolemo is an LLB Graduate, and is in control of operations. She also manages the production team and heads the human resources department consisting of 6 staff members. The lead of this team has over 10 years’ experience in broiler production and specialises in management of mortality rate, administration of vaccine, pollution control and training of supporting staff.

    Tshiamo Matlapeng-Vilakazi (54)


    Tshiamo, a conveyancer, attorney and notary public, is the founder of Vilakazi Commercial Attorneys and has been in practice for 25 years.

    She empowered herself by attending and completing poultry production courses offered by the Agricultural Research Council and a Broiler Production Management Course with Kwa-Zulu Natal Poultry Institute.

    She further volunteered her services by working at a chicken farm in Middleburg to strengthen and enhance her knowledge on biosecurity, safety of chickens, record keeping, feed conversion ratio, management of mortality rate and compliance with environmental laws of South Africa.

    Mziwakhe Vilakazi (29)

    Consulting Financial Officer

    Mziwakhe holds a higher certificate in business principles & practices, is registered towards his Bcom accounting degree. He is employed as a financial administrator with a JSE listed telecommunications company. His forte is accounting and taxation. Mziwakhe will be in control of the financial system, checks and balances and ensure that our finances are tax law compliant.

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